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Fine Chemicals

Fine Chemicals

PRO-GREENTECHNOLOGIES, LTD is developing a various product in the field of Fine chemicals. We are always doing our best to supply the highest quality of products.

Our main technology includes Halogenation, Grinard Reaction, Amination, Hydroxybenzene Derivatives, etc.


Applicable Product

Product name CAS No. Structure
3-iodo-9-phenylcarbazole 502161-03-7 timg_bd_01.gif
Isobutyl 3,4-epoxybutyrate 100181-71-3 timg_bd_02.gif
N-Phenylmaleimide 941-69-5 timg_bd_03.gif
2-Nitrophenylboronic acid 5570-19-4 timg_bd_04.gif
1,2-DIPHENOXYETHANE 104-66-5 timg_bd_05.gif
Allyl CN 109-75-1 timg_bd_06.gif
4,4'-oxydibenzoic acid 2215-89-6 timg_bd_07.gif
Trisphenylborane pyridine 971-66-4 timg_bd_08.gif
Butyl chloride 109-69-3 timg_bd_09.gif
Tetrabutylammonium bromide 1643-19-2 timg_bd_10.gif
4-{[4-(propan-2-yloxy)phenyl]sulfonyl}phenol 95235-30-6 timg_bd_11.gif
benzylurea 538-32-9 timg_bd_12.gif
N-Carbamylmaleimide 3345-50-4 timg_bd_13.gif
Bis phenol-F 620-92-8 timg_bd_14.gif
Bis phenol-S 1980-09-01 timg_bd_15.gif